Using Airtech's Lamination Assist Products can help you to:


Improve production yields / increase plant throughput


• Our proprietary, multi-layer 9610NV conformable release film blocks unwanted resin flow.


9610NV provides surface pressure equalization for void free coverlay bonding.


9610NV offers easy release and coverlay surface protection during the lamination cycle.


Lower production costs


9610NV is a very low cost replacement for thicker conformal films currently in use.


Local support


• All Airtech PCB products are supported by our global network of technically trained, full service stocking distributors. Our distributors offer custom sheeting / tooling and packaging from local inventories.


We invite you to try it for yourself. Just click on the button below, tell us which proudcts you would like to test and we will provide no charge samples for your evaluation.


More Than A Manufacturer´┐ŻA Technical Partner!

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